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Bombers Football

Letter to Families

08/28/2016, 6:30pm EDT
By Webmaster

Hello WYF/C Families,


I. With games fast approaching, we would like to review some important information:  

First and foremost, each and every one of us represents Westfield Youth Football/Cheer.  How we act, what we say and what we do says lots about who we are so let’s make it a positive image. 

- Coaches need to ensure the safety of our players on the field and should not be distracted by having to deal with inappropriate behavior, particularly on the sideline.

- Players/ Cheerleaders are there to play or watch the game.  You should have appropriate gear/uniforms on and you should be paying attention to the game. Players, talk to your teammates.  If you see them doing  something they shouldn’t, let them know.

- Parents, please talk to your players and make sure they know what is expected of them. Coaches have been asked to speak to the players about how to act and dress on the sidelines.  Let’s all help out. 

Also, just as a reminder, there is no smoking/e-cigs allowed on school property.  Please honor this and don’t subject our players to these things.


II. A couple of other safety issues continue to come up as well:

- We need to keep the kids off of all of the equipment on the fields.  Parents, if you see kids climbing, please kindly ask them to get down.  We do not want anyone to get hurt. 

-  Similarly, please do not drop kids off at the curb.  It seems harmless enough, but we have already had a couple close calls with kids almost getting hit.  Take the extra minute to park the car in the designated area of the (back) parking lot at the High School and let your child out there. 


III. Lastly, volunteering and fundraising are necessary evils.  This program runs entirely on volunteers.  Everyone NEEDS to do their part.  There are many different opportunities, so I’m sure there is something you can do to help on game days.  Check out the website and sign up for at least two volunteer openings. Calendars are coming out soon.  Each player will get a packet of calendars. SELL! SELL! SELL!  The more money we raise, the less you as parents will need to pay for.  The cost for your child to participate this year did not go up from last year and we were able to buy some new equipment/gear based on previous year’s fundraising.  Let’s not have this year be the last year we are able to do these things without raising the cost.


Thanks in advance for your assistance,

Ruben Gomez             Melanie McNamara

WYF, President            WYF, Vice President 

WYF Volunteer Sign Ups

08/18/2016, 8:15pm EDT
By Webmaster


We’re halfway there - - - halfway to the home games that is, and WYF/C needs YOU!


With over 300 hours needed to run all the Westfield Home Games, over half still remain empty.  As a reminder, in order to keep registration and other fees low, we ask families to commit 2 hours per player to help us run our home games! This includes announcing, working the sidelines, raising money with the 50/50 raffle and most importantly our concession stand!  With just two more "away" weekends until our first home game, please sign up so that we have the coverage needed to show our opponents our hometown pride! 


You can find the link on the WYF Facebook Page, or or go directly to the page and “find a sign up” - - it’s THAT easy!


If you’ve already volunteered - - THANK YOU!  If you’ve signed up for 1 – please sign up for 1 more!


If you still need help, please do not hesitate to contact WYFC Parent Volunteer Coordinator, Meridith Salois

by email at or by phone (413) 250-6190.


Picture Day

08/04/2016, 9:45pm EDT
By Webmaster


Pictures will be taken at Bullens Field from 5:30-7:00 p.m. on the following days:

  • Flag & Pee Wee-Sept 12th
  • Juniors & Seniors-Oct 3rd
  • Cheer-Sept 26th


Please see the information below from Colorgraphics to ensure a quick and efficient process!

PICTURE DAY PREPARATION: The link has been designed to help notify and inform the parents and athletes of your program's picture day with Colorgraphics. Included is helpful information regarding picture day preparations along with a tutorial on how to fill out the picture day envelope and a printable version of our product brochure.


**Every athlete who purchases a photo package will receive one 8x10 photo calendar free**

Check out what's happening on our Facebook page!


Westfield Youth Football does not descriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, or disability in admission to, access to, or involvement in its organization. - Westfield Youth Football, PO Box 163, Westfield MA 01086