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2018 Season General Information

By Webmaster, 08/19/17, 11:15AM EDT


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Hello Members of the Westfield Youth Football & Cheer Community,


As we kicked off the 201 pre-season for the football season there are a few items/ issues that we want to ensure that all of the members of our program are aware of.  This applies to flag, cheerleading and tackle football parents, coaches, other family members and friends. 


First, there is no dropping off of members of the flag, cheerleading or tackle football program at the gates to the field.  All vehicles NEED to be parked in a parking spot within the parking lot prior to the student departing from the vehicle.  There is to be no parking along the primary road way adjacent to the fences.  This goes from the primary entrance area, past the playing field areas, and all the way around the corner down towards the pool end of the High School (H.S.) building.  There are plenty of parking spaces marked within the parking lot.


Next, we are utilizing city/ school grounds as a benefit that is and has been provided to us.  As these are City grounds, we must comply with regulations that do not allow for the smoking of cigarettes, pipes, cigars, vapes, etc. within these grounds.  This accounts for the practice areas and parking lots located at the Westfield H.S. and the game areas located at the Westfield Vocational Academy.  


In addition, as areas of the grounds are specifically used for the athletic programs of the High School teams, we must enforce the walking in and out of the practice grounds for tackle and flag from the gated area closest to the woods at the back end of the parking lot.  We cannot walk from the back area of the Pee-Wee Football practice area to the middle of the fence adjacent to the parking lot.  Using entry areas other than the gate closest to the woods places our players with cleats, as well as parents and others to be walking across the HS field hockey field.  The Cheerleaders should be using the entry that is closest to the cheer area, which is also closest to the Montgomery Road side of the parking lot. Once the H.S. athletics begin their soccer program, you will see the additional lined areas we have to avoid.


Finally, we have football equipment; including blocking and tackling sleds, and metal frames used for positional drills located closest to the track.  This equipment is not for the purpose of children or adults to be sitting on, swinging on or moving.  Please keep anyone that is not being directed by a WYF&C coach off of this equipment.


We hope that this notification will be taken immediately into consideration and followed.  We hope that this will prevent anyone from getting into a habit, as we have only begun and made it thru our first set of practices.


Thank you in advance for your time.