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Bombers Football & Cheer

2022 Pee Wee division Superbowl champs

Superbowl champs

2022 Football and Cheer Registration

2022 Tackle and Cheer Registration is now closed.  Our season is off to a great start.  All of our athletes are working hard at practice and this weekends games all ended with Ws for all divisions.  Go Bombers!!! 

Calendar winners

Oct 1 Jeremy Cigal
Oct 2 Stephanie Nunez
Oct 3 Jeremiah Vazquez
Oct 4 Sarah Herbert
Oct 5 Seth Bush
Oct 6 Karen Dabkowski

Oct 7 Jean Mechak
Oct 8 Jacob Mendez
Oct 9 David Gonzalez
Oct 10 Joanne Daley
Oct 11 Karen Johnson
Oct 12 Lianne Raposo
Oct 13 Jeff Daley
Oct 14 Terri Fairley
Oct 15 Allison B. Kone
Oct 16 Jeff Tuttle
Oct 17 Sue Wilke

Oct 18 Ally Brogan
Oct 19 Zachery Tucker
Oct 20 Heidi Hiner
Oct 21 Cherie Buchanan
Oct 22 Ryan Nolan
Oct 23 Zachary Wyman
Oct 24 Chris Format
Oct 25 Patricia Labieniec
Oct 26 Kara Roberts
Oct 27 Alison Crawford
Oct 28 Chris Carr
Oct 29 Monica Theriaque
Oct 30 Steve Jerry

And our final winner.  Thanks to all our amazing sponsors and supporters.

Oct 31. Brandon Paquette

All of the mailable prizes have been mailed.  Last couple big prizes are being delivered this week

Jersey cleaning instructions

2019 Watch List

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