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Frequently Asked Questions


Equipment - What do I need to buy?

  • Football cleats
  • They must be molded plastic bottom
  • An athletic supporter (yes, it’s a cup!)
  • Recommended to buy: forearm pads, rib pads & hand gloves
Closer to season, we may have some sporting good stores offering discounts on a certain day for WYF. Please check website for futher details.

What does my son bring to practice the first night and every night?
  • Practice starts @ 5:30pm unless otherwise noted
  • A good attitude
  • Water or Gatorade
  • Cleats
  • Helmet
  • Bug spray
When does “full pads” practice start?
  • Coaches will let their team know.
  • It is usually the 3rd or 4th practice.
How long is practice?
  •  It is generally 2 to 2 1/2 hours per practice
  • Please be prompt picking up your son. The field shuts down promptly after practice and can get quite dark.
When is practice after school starts?
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    (Friday possibly with Head Coach discretion - 1 1/2 Max / No Contact)
  • Please check your website's team page for updates and exact times
** Players must be on field dressed and ready to practice 15 min prior to practice time ***

What if my son is not going to practice?
  • Your son needs to call one of the coaches or leave a message prior to practice that he will not be attending.
What day & time are the games?

The games are on Saturday for JV Divisions and Sunday for Varsity Divisions. All game times will be posted on the website's Schedule link as well as the team page.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?
  • Ask your team parent
  • Ask the coach AFTER PRACTICE
**Please do not go on the practice field while the teams are practicing. If you have any questions please wait until after the practice has ended or speak to the team parent. **
**For the safety of the kids, PLEASE DO NOT drop players off at the curb of the entrance to field.   Traffic at drop off and pick up is very heavy and keeping a large lane for cars to pass is vital to keeping it safe for kids crossing to the field.**